Dear Men,  


You are often told that you are not emotional enough and never listen to your partner. You are told that you don’t care about emotions or communication.

Do you know what I have found to be true about being a man?

That as a man… you are often overwhelmed with feeling constantly blamed for upsetting or disappointing your partner. 

That you do love your partner more than anything in this world.   

The two of you have something special and magical…but what happens when that connection changes or is threatened?  

You don’t want to lose something that used to be so goodIt’s scary!

  • You want to recreate the strong romantic connection you used to have.
  • You want improved communication so you can finally stop having the same fight over and over.
  • You need excitement in your relationship because you love your partner and want to feel excited about your future together.

What would it mean to you to have someone who can help you regain your confidence, empowering you to reignite the passion in your relationship in a way that makes you feel safe and loved? 

 As an experienced therapist, trained Hold Me Tight®  facilitator, and certified life coach, I teach simple yet effective communication skills to improve connection, decrease conflict, and increase intimacy. 

Schedule a Free Discovery Call with me today so we can talk about how I can help you and your partner transform your relationship to one that you both want and deserve.


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