Couples Therapy

In today’s world we face incredible stress and tension. We rely on our partners to support us, love us, and be there for us. When we are having a bad day or going through a difficult period in our lives, we naturally turn to our partner to help us find hope and strength. However sometimes that same relationship we once turned to has changed and we don’t know what to do.

Is your relationship no longer a place of safety? Do you feel or question if your partner is truly there for you,?

You might have imagined life with your partner would always be passionate and fulfilling. Or that you would forever share a deep emotional bond. Unfortunately, many couples get stuck in unsatisfying and distant relationships. Sometimes unresolved trauma or past issues affect relationships in unforeseen ways, leading to disconnect, loss of connection and partnership.

Losing our connection with our partner jeopardizes our sense of security. When we get stuck in vicious cycles of blame and defensiveness, we experience a primal feeling of panic, or we may lash out in anger, or simply withdraw in helplessness and despair.

Couples therapy can help couples restore the secure, loving bond they once shared by together identifying, then changing, the destructive patterns of interaction that distance and divide. Even though it is difficult to ask for help when we need it, I ask you to love yourself and your partner enough to explore your issues together with the hope of finding resolution, forgiveness and rekindle your love and hope in one another.

- Please note that all services are done via telehealth only


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