Friday Night Feels Show & Podcast

Friday Night Feels is a show for men who want to create better
connection and communication with themselves and the people close to them. 

Each episode will feature a guest expert that will take you on a deep dive into
the topics of men's wellness including relationships and emotional

You can join the live show either through Zoom ( 583 807 644) or

Facebook Live through my Facebook Page: Monette Counseling Services LLC 

Looking forward to seeing you at our next  " Friday Night Feels"!

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Testimonials from Friday Night Feels Guests:

- What I loved most about Friday Night Feels is how Patrick welcomed me into his space, with a kind heart and laughter--- two of the best experiences on earth. He read my book, promoted my story as if I were a New York Times best-selling author. His enthusiasm about my story led to others following and buying my book. l enjoyed being able to be my authentic self. Being on Friday Night Feels was one of the best experiences I've had since appearing on podcasts and I recommend anyone thinking of being a guest or tuning in---- do so NOW.

Tasha Hunter, MSW, LCSW

Owner of Ascension Growth Center, PLLC                                                                                                                                             Author of the memoir What Children Remember


-I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being interviewed by Patrick on his entertaining Friday Night Feels program!  Patrick has a natural joyful and fun personality that really puts one at ease.  In no time I had forgotten about my nervousness and was really just enjoying the flow of our conversation.  Patrick did a great job of guiding the discussion and included participant chat interaction. I have watched many of his programs from Chile where I live and am impressed with the interesting variety of subjects he covers and people he interviews.  I highly recommend an experience with Patrick!

Karen Mizuik

Entrepreneur and Operations Specialist


-'It was an absolute joy and delight taking part in FNF with Patrick to discuss the use of Psychological Astrology with Psychotherapy. Patrick is a wonderful warm and compassionate host, with a wealth of insight and wisdom.'



  • Sometimes you meet a person and you just click—you’re comfortable with them, like you’ve known them your whole life, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything. -Unknown

This was my experience with Patrick. He's open, honest, engaging, and absolutely interested in what his guests have to say. In talking about the podcast episode, our only concern was remembering that we had a time limit! The podcast interview was light, fun, and natural. I was proud to post a link on my own website because I felt that my personality was brought out by Patrick and as a coach, I definitely want potential clients to know a little about my personality before they hire me.

Susan Morley, CLPC, CARES (CPS-AD)


Patrick Monette
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