Hold Me Tight® Workshop

Would you like to feel more accepted by your partner and decrease conflict in your relationship?

Would you like to feel like your partner is more accessible, responsive and emotionally engaged with you?

Is it time to improve your relationship and learn how to communicate in new ways that promote better understanding, closeness , connection and intimacy?

Would you like to learn how to deepen your emotional connection to your partner ?

Are you getting ready to get married and want to build a healthy foundation for your marriage?

Then please join me for my upcoming workshop to help you and your partner learn how to dance together in love!

I am extremely excited and honored to be able to offer this unique and magical workshop for couples who want to focus on deepening their relationship.  I truly love this program and am hoping that it will help you be able to take time out for yourselves as a couple and be able to focus on deepening your relationship. I know how crazy life can get and I am excited for you and your partner to be able to learn how to communicate better and learn how to dance together smoother in life .

The Hold Me Tight ® Workshop was developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and is designed around her best-selling book, “ Hold Me Tight”.  You and your partner will learn how to improve your emotional connection, communication and relationship through this online version of the Hold Me Tight ® Workshop. During these workshops, I  will combine  facilitator  presentation, private exercises, video demonstrations of other couples and most importantly the conversations you and your partner have to help you learn how to better connect and dance together as a loving couple.

Course Options:

Option #1:  8 weeks for 1 1/2 hours each session.  This will be held through zoom and cameras/audio are not required but the chat box will be open for communication, questions and so forth. 

Option #2 : 2  hour monthly sessions (held once a month for 4 month commitment).  Each session will focus on one aspect of the HMT curriculum helping you and your partner improve your relationship and emotional connection.  

Option # 3: Private HMT option. The private workshop option allows for me to meet with you as a couple  and to be able  to provide individualized feedback, support and coaching based on you and your partner's needs. Two options: 8 week session ( hour and a half sessions)  or Weekend Intensive, 2 full days focusing in you and your relationship.

A la carte option:  Hold Me Tight ® ....and Beyond!

Sometimes couples need additional support, continued  practice and guidance on how to improve their emotional connection. For those couples I now offer additional HMT Support Coaching Sessions. Each session will focus on an issue the couple needs to better understand and integrate the  Hold Me Tight ® Workshop  education. 

 One half hour session 

One  hour session

Due to copyright issues we are not able to record any sessions but if something comes up and you need to miss a session, please just  reach out to me and we will take it from there.

(*Please note that HMT is NOT therapy and therefore is being offered statewide as well as internationally. )

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"We feel the Hold Me Tight Workshop has been the missing link to our marriage. We thought we had to work harder on communicating but the harder we tried the more we felt ourselves drifting from each other. HMT helped us realize that we both wanted the same thing in our marriage...connection.

What we liked best about the HMT Workshop was that it was online and confidential. The hour and a half seemed to go by so fast, we didn’t want it to end! We looked forward to our Saturday evenings as our “us time.” It was like being out on a date, but in the comfort of our own house.

Patrick, was accommodating to our busy schedules, confidential and professional yet fun!

Thank you Patrick Monette for providing the HMT workshop. This has made us a stronger couple and was the best thing we could have done for our relationship. We will be attending another HMT Workshop in the near future.  – Sally and Jack


We thought the program was terrific!

After struggling with relationship/marital issues for over 2 years on our own, we were looking for some mediation. Patrick’s virtual Hold Me Tight retreat was exactly what we needed!

With Patrick’s direction we were able to heal hurts, understand and communicate at a higher level. All at our own pace, during a pandemic in the comfort of our own home!

Thank You !

-Mason and Risa


This course was more than expected. Couple don't have to be struggling to want to enhance their connection and my husband and I were able to truly learn about connecting better. We didn't realize how many habits and "demon dialogues" we had engaged in. The feedback from our fantastic instructor and the group we were privileged to be a part of really challenged us. We feel stronger and more focus on us again after letting life and many children separate us emotionally. This course guided us to work hard at seeing ourselves again and each other in a new way of love, acceptance and understanding. My wife is more beautiful than the day I met her. Because learning to dance with her I can see her real heart and smile again. I am finding myself eager to get home quickly again. My husband seems like a strong man again and I feel we have learned to trust us again. The book was helpful but it was the rhythm of the classes and the instruction we were part of that really helped us understand each other. We are very thankful for this opportunity and hope to dance together for many years ahead.

-D and M


The Hold Me Tight workshop was a good experience.  I believe it helped me understand my partner better and helped us ask questions that we might have otherwise avoided.  Online session with other couples turned out to be a better than I expected since Patrick did a great job passing on other couple's experience in the sessions to the whole group.