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My passion is to help men and couples like you break the cycle of fighting, disconnection, and feeling alone in your relationship to having the type of relationship that ignites your passion for your partner and for life without losing who you are as individuals.

I do this by teaching you and your partner simple yet effective skills to use daily, to increase communication, decrease tension and increase intimacy.  

I will guide you through a program called Hold Me Tight ®, developed by Sue Johnson, that will help you create a solid and healthy foundation for your relationship where both of you feel heard, respected, and loved. I have seen couples on the brink of losing each other rekindle the passion and connection to for a long standing and fulfilling relationship.

I will teach you how to set healthy communication and  emotional connection to create a relationship that will  help you feel safe and connected.

If you struggle to connection with your partner or don't know how to “ stop the same fight over and over “ from destroying your relationship, I want you to call me. 

There is always hope. Let me help you create the relationship you both have always dreamed of.

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I get that it can be hard... I am a man that has seen ALL the mistakes! I am also...

  • A licensed mental health therapist 
  • A certified life coach
  • A certified Emotionally Focused Therapy Couples Therapist
  • An addiction specialist
  • A professional speaker and educator 


Patrick Monette
334 Cornelia St., Suite 379, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
[email protected]