Meet Patrick


I help couples struggling with being burnt out and overwhelmed so they can create a passion and fulfilling relationships.

I teach you and your partner simple yet effective skills to use daily, to increase communication, decrease tension and increase intimacy.  

I guide you through a program called Hold Me Tight ®, developed by Sue Johnson, that helps you create a solid and healthy foundation for your relationship where both of you feel heard, respected, and loved. I have seen couples on the brink of losing each other rekindle the passion and connection to for a long standing and fulfilling relationship.

I give you the skills to set healthy communication and  emotional connection to create a relationship that will  help you feel safe and connected.

If you struggle to connection with feeling burnt-out and overwhelmed and with your partner or don't know how to “ stop the same fight over and over “ from destroying your relationship, I want you to call me. 

There is always hope. Let me help you create the relationship you both have always dreamed of.

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I get that it can be hard... I am a man that has seen ALL the mistakes! I am also...

  • A licensed mental health therapist 
  • A certified life coach
  • A certified Emotionally Focused Therapy Couples Therapist
  • An addiction specialist
  • A professional speaker and educator 


Patrick Monette
334 Cornelia St., Suite 379, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
[email protected]