EMDR Consultation

Consultation is an imperative aspect of learning and practicing EMDR to help us all grow, develop and enhance our clinical skills. I thoroughly enjoy working with professionals who are seeking to develop and integrate their education and application of EMDR into their therapeutic practice.

I am an EMDRIA  Approved EMDR Consultant and am happy to offer consultation services for people who are : just starting their initial EMDR training and need the initial 10 hours of consultation, clinicians working towards EMDRIA Certification, becoming a Consultant-in-Training (CIT)  or for professionals looking for guidance and support within their own EMDR practice. I was originally trained under Roy Kiessling ( EMDR Consulting) and now am part of the EMDR faculty at the  Institute for Creative Mindfulness. 

I specialize in treating complex trauma, PTSD, addictions, EMDR in group settings, anger management, and with couples.

I offer individual consultation and group consultation either over the telephone or through zoom.  Please contact me directly for my monthly scheduled group consultations. I also offer consultation services in English and Spanish.

One half hour of individual consultation : $45.00 USD

Individual consultation options:

*For clinicians completing their 10 hours of required consultation : $70.00 USD for 1 hour

*For fully trained EMDR therapists : $80.00 USD for 1 hour

*Consultants in Training (working with me ) : $110.00 USD

Bundle consultation options for newly EMDR trained therapists :

Five individual consultation sessions : $315.00 USD

Ten 10 individual consultation sessions: $600.00 USD

One hour of group consultation : $ 30.00 USD ( one hour consultation group is  held weekly on Wednesdays 12:00pm-1:00 pm EST ) Please schedule via my Calendly https://calendly.com/patrickmo...

Two hour group consultation: $45.00 USD ( for both hours)  ( held every 1st Saturday of the month 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST) Please schedule via my  Calendly https://calendly.com/patrickmo...

Additional consultation groups may be added as the need arises. Please contact me directly with any questions!

*If you are currently struggling with financial issues due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, please contact me directly to see how I can best assist you with your consultation needs during these difficult times.