I am certified EMDR therapist. EMDR stands for: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy.  

EMDR has been proven to be highly effective in treating a wide range of issues.

It is very common for clients who have experienced only limited results with traditional therapy to find that with  EMDR, emotional and creative issues are thoroughly resolved. The result is often a future free of entanglement  with old pain and limiting self-messages. Without those burdens, personal power becomes readily accessible.

EMDR was originally developed for working with both recent and past traumas. However it is also useful and effective to deal with anxiety, depression, anger related issues, loss/grief, relationship issues and much more.  I find it  especially exciting to see the clearing effects of EMDR as a psychotherapy for creative blocks and  procrastination. In fact, whenever the issue stems from limiting beliefs about yourself, EMDR therapy is worth exploring.

* Please note that all services are done via telehealth only


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