Life Coaching


I help and support people that don't want therapy but who want support.  I work with creative and motivated men who find themselves procrastinating and feeling lost or overcome the obstacles that hold them back from feeling fulfilled and having meaning in their lives and relationships.

Let me help you take a step back from all the stress going on in a crazy world to be able to create a path that works for you.

Transparency and genuineness are some of the main components of my coaching. Working with a coach is an investment of your time, money and energy and I want you to feel supported and validated as we work on your goals. 

You may benefit from the support of a professionally certified coach if…

  • You feel lost or confused about your purpose or next steps in life.
  • You are afraid to try something new (even though it’s something you’re genuinely interested in).
  • You feel constant stress, self-doubt and succumb to the “you shoulds” imposed by family and friends.
  • Your happiness and forward momentum are constantly derailed by limiting beliefs, old patterns, and self-sabotage.
  • You have a goal or vision but lack the focus, organization, and clarity necessary to form an action plan.
  • You want to make changes to your personal or professional life such as improvements to health and wellness, personal relationships, spirituality, career, time management, or work/life balance.
  • You procrastinate or have difficulty completing tasks from start to finish.
  • You are facing or currently going through a major life transition.

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(*Please note that Life Coaching  is NOT therapy and therefore is being offered statewide as well as internationally and is not covered by insurances. )


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